P2C Athlete Prep

High School Development Program

(9th through 10th Graders)

The High School Development Program supports all high school school student athletes regardless of age, location, economic background, or ethnicity.  This program ranges from offering tutoring services and mentorship to addressing social issues like the effect of substance abuse and bullying.  The goal of this program is to help each student athlete develop a personal compass by which to live so that they can enter adulthood with all the tools they will need to succeed.  

What are the components of this program?  Our High School Development Program includes:

     - 9th through 10th Grade Tutoring Program

     - Rising Stars Mentorship Program

     - College Preparation Classes

     - Nutrition (Health and Wellness) Program:  

          - Nutrition Counseling

     - Academic College Visits

     - Sports Showcases / Camps / Clinics

Who is this program for?   This program is for any student athlete in 9th through 10th grades who participates in the following youth sports at either the club or middle school level:

     - Football

     - Volleyball

     - Basketball (Boys and Girls)

     - Baseball

     - Softball

     - Soccer (Boys and Girls)

     - Gymnastics / Cheerleading / Dance

     - Golf (Boys and Girls)

     - Tennis (Boys and Girls)

     - Swimming (Boys and Girls)

     - Track and Field (Boys and Girls)

High School Development Program