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Academic Success + Athletic Success = a College Bound Student Athlete

What is P2C Athlete Prep

Serving student athletes throughout Texas and nationwide, P2C Athlete Prep's focus is on making an impact.  Through academics and athletics, our mission is to inspire and empower the at-risk youth in these areas to go out and create change in their communities.  This is done by overcoming the barriers to education and sports for these student athletes and providing them access to programs that will allow them to do just that.  Through academic prep, athletic prep, college prep, and health and wellness; P2C Athlete Prep looks to bridge the gap that these at-risk student athletes face and make obtaining a college education a viable option that can then be used to make an impact in the communities that we serve.


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Middle School Development Program

6th-8th Grade Student Athlete Development

High School Development Program

9th-10th Grade Student Athlete Development

Community Outreach Program

Programs designed to give back to the communicty at large

College Bound Development Program

11th-12th Grade Student Athlete Development

Military Family College Readiness Program

Designed to help military families (6th -12th Grade)

Program Participants High School Graduation Rate:


To date the folllowing is true of our program participants:

     - 100% high school graduation rate

     - 96.4% went on to attended college

     - 90.9% received athletic related scholarships

El Paso County High School Graduation Rate:


Bexar County High School Graduation Rate:


State of Texas High School Graduation Rate:


Percentage of Participants who received athletic scholarships:


Percentage of Participants who went on to attend a 4-year college:


Antoine Holmes

United Tournaments

(College Exposure Package)

" One of the most complete informational packages I have ever come across.  Definitely focused on education for parents and the youth in this day and age. They truly want you to succeed in life and go above and beyond expectations. "

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SAT / ACT Prep Program

College Bound Program

Military Family Readiness  Program

P2C's Steps to College Program