Middle School Development Program

P2C Athlete Prep's Middle School Development Program is designed to prepare student athletes in the 6th through 8th grade for the trials and tribulations they will face when they get to high school.  This program focuses on the development of these student athletes both mentally and physically.  

The Program:

     - 6th through 8th grade Tutoring Program

     - Rising Stars Mentorship Program

     - Nutrition (Health and Wellness) Program

          - Nutrition Counseling

6th through 8th Grade Tutoring Program:

Because we believe that education is one of the most important elements of long-term success in all areas of life, P2C Athlete Prep has developed this tutoring program to offer both personal and small group assistance to students who are at academic risk.  The requirement for students who begin in the Middle School Development Program is to finish with a minimum GPA of 3.0.  For those students who come into the program that have not achieve this GPA requirement, we will provide access to help through our tutoring program.  

Rising Stars Mentorship Program:

Although education is the primary goal of our schools, students face other challenges taht will ultimately influence their future.  Some students try to figure out how to combine athletics with their studies.  Some with fragile self-esteem align themselves with groups that experiment with risky behaviors.  Some walk-in isolation because, for whatever reason, they don't "fit in".

The role of the mentor can range from "informal career counselor" to "trusted confidante".  Experienced mentors are mature adults who students can turn to in times of confusion or stress.  They are able to help students navigate their complex educational and social experience and also prepare them for success in life.  They encourage; they listen; they advise; and they support.

The Mentorship Programs connect students with mentors who will always act in their best interest.  In addition to being a trusted friend and counselor, our mentors also interact with teachers, parents, coaches, student services, and anyone else who can play a part in the support system that will be the foundation for a student's overall success.

Nutrition (Health and Wellness) Program:

Proper nutrition is critical for both academic and athletic peak performance.  Food is fuel for the brain and the body.  It is the foundation for overall health.  The right food at the right time in the right amount can influence how students learn and athletes perform.  

We have partnered with trainers and nutrition counselors to develop a health and wellness program to help students stay healthy and learn how to "fuel" themselves throughout the day.  We will use a three-fold approach:  educate, provide, and connect.

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