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About US:

eKnowledge™ is a leading provider of interactive e-learning products and services. From the beginning, we have been guided by an overarching objective…to change the way the world thinks about e-learning. We were pioneers in the field of advanced eLearning technology and the first to convert interactive classroom instruction to multi-media solutions including on-line streaming, DVD ROM. Today, our College Test Prep and other advanced multi-media programs are taking tens of thousands of students to a whole new level of learning. Our on-line, CD and DVD interactive learning programs range from SAT, ACT, LSAT and other Test Prep courses, to highly effective diagnostic, teaching and learning tools for business, education and other institutions.

We are committed to integrity and excellence in all areas of our business. We don’t just talk about these principles, we live them.  

Our Mission:

At eKnowledge™, your learning success is our success. We constantly remind ourselves that without you, we have nothing. We want to be your eLearning Partner™ and will constantly strive to exceed your expectations. With eKnowledge™ you will always have The Freedom to Learn…Your Way! ™


Our Programs:

eKnowledge™ has introduced the next generation of advanced Test Prep and multi-media eLearning programs. Based on our proprietary Student-Centered Learning Model™ , the new eKnowledge™ SAT and ACT PowerPrep™ programs use highly effective diagnostics to identify each students individual learning “style”, and then adapt the teaching method to fit that style. The Student-Centered Learning Model™ from eKnowledge™ results in highly improved learning performance and superior test achievement.