Treating the Need:

Students 6th through 12th grades face a kaleidoscope of challenges as they move toward maturity.  How they deal with these challenges can significantly influence critical paths in their lives.  Without support systems in place, students are at risk of adopting patterns of behavior that undermine their ability to succeed at school.  Event student who tries very hard to succeed may not have the guidance they need to help them reach their full potential.

Our "P2C Athlete Prep" initiative offers a variety of programs designed to tackle the challenges that many students face in today's complex environment.  We utilize both local and national resources in our effort to provide students with the tools and guidance they need to become the next generation of national leaders.  

Our Programs

Middle School Development Program

6th-8th Grade Student Athlete Development

High School Development Program

9th-10th Grade Student Athlete Development

Community Outreach Program

Programs designed to give back to the communicty at large

College Bound  Program

11th-12th Grade Student Athlete Development

Military Family College Readiness Program

Designed to help military families (6th -12th Grade)

P2C Athlete Prep

College Bound Program


College Bound Program Overview

Military Family College Readiness Program Overview