Community Outreach Program

P2C Athlete Prep's Community OutreachPrograms are designed to help in the community with tough issues that may not be easily address while at school or serve a greater purpose then just for the student athletes in our programs.  

The Program:

     - Workforce Development (Resume Writing)

     - Money Management

     - Gang Prevention

     - Drug and Alcohol Prevention

     - Bullying Prevention

Workforce Development (Resume Writing)

P2C Athlete Prep has developed a Resume Writing Program to help students who are nearing graduation.  We help them identify their skills and achievements and teach them how to present these skills and achievements in a compelling way to prospective colleges or employers.  

Money Management

Money management is a life skill that is rarely included in a school's curriculum.  Because of this, many students head off to college or on to their post-high school careers without understanding how to manage their finances prudently - and too many are learning by trial and error.

The fact that the student loan debt has been growing every quarter with increasing delinquency rates is a symbol of how young men and women may be losing control of their financial future.

Because of this, P2C Athlete Prep has developed a Money Management Program.  We believe that both high school and college students - even middle school students - would benefit from learning the basic concepts involved in earning, saving, and investing money.

Gang Awareness

Helping students and parents identify some of the major causes of why a student turns to a gang.  Such reasons as acceptance, protection, lack of self-esteem, and peer pressure to name a few.  By partnering with local police, the gang task force and the testimonials of  former gang members, our Gang Awareness Program is designed to "pull back the covers" on gang activity and violence to clearly depict to students choosing this path in life can take them down.  

By helping students understand how to best position themselves to avoid this life style is and educating them on the hard facts associated with gang life, we hope to change the lives of many students.  

Drug and Alcohol Prevention

Although we would like to believe that our children have the strength and resolve to resist the temptations of alcohol and drugs, we know that many cannot do this alone.  The goal of our Drug and Alcohol Prevention Program is to make students more aware of the negative impact that drug and alcohol use has on their road to success.

Bullying Prevention

The National Education Association estimates that about 160,000 students miss school every day because of the fear of being bullied.  Victims of bullying are at risk of being seriously scarred emotionally, and many of them suffer a permanent loss of self-esteem.  Unfortunately, some have even taken their own lives.  

Bullying is a nationwide problem that every organization should work to mitigate in some way.  Our Bullying Program gives students the information and tools they need to deal with the effects of bullying and behave honorably and with courage.  

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P2C Athlete Prep